Our Objectives

To provide comprehensive passive (not jamming) cellular denial equipment/systems utilizing new microelectronic technologly that would be of use in prisons for countering unapproved cell phone use and for the U.S. Military to help counter IED's.

Current state of our technology

Our designs use the latest in microcircuit materials and technology. Our new technology designed Facility System is ideal for prisons or similar institutions due to it being fully automatic with minimum maintenance. This unit will also have an effective range of 200 - 250 meters and may be modified or reconfigured for special applications. It will contain a back-up power supply system in case of power loss and an alarm system if altered or damaged. Addionally, this new technology introduces a completely new device - a small lightweight and durable Individual Counter-IED System that has a high percentage of band width signal capture with far reaching effective area coverage while having 5 - 6 hours of operation per Smart Battery. In addition, the new technology Vehicle Counter-IED System will be considerably smaller than the vehicle jammers currently in use and will not require adjustment while providing 2 ˝ times the effective range coverage. Additionally, none of our Systems will interfere with radio communications allowing for coverage protection and communication transmittal at the same time. Old technology such as barrage type jammers have seen manufacturer’s make efforts to downsize the units and increase power output to overcome cell phone manufacturer’s countermeasures for signal interference. Unfortunately, this old technology sends a barrage of energy onto the radio waves causing interference with other communication methods. To our knowledge there are no other designs using any technology other than barrage to counter IED cellular threats.