Facility Cellular Denial Systems

  Tactical Communications Cellular Denial of Service Systems are a mature design utilizing the latest in new technology and microelectronic component design. The Cellular Denial of Service System will not interfere with normal communications while in operation, unlike Barrage type jamming equipment which can have frequency bleed over and radio interference. Our design does not use barrage jamming techniques and as such is “instantly on” with precise frequency for the suppression of the signal. It is intrinsically safe to use around prisoners or patients as there is no transmitted radio signal to cause problems. The denial of service system requires no special “tweaking” or adjustments and maintenance is a component swap. The system has undergone years of development, testing and refinement. Because it is not a single point system it is capable of attacking and suppressing multiple units within its range of operation. The denial of service system uses multiple processors to engage cellular devices (including blackberries and similar such cellular based devices) and responds with a signal to convince the targeted machine that no service is available, preventing the operation and successful completion of any commands.

Tactical Communications LLC., are experts in cellular denial communication and its products are based on new microelectronic technology and not Barrage jamming repackaging. Our Cellular Denial of Service System has been designed to specifically inhibit an inmate’s ability to use a cell phone in a non authorized area. This occurs with no frequency interference and by the use of specially made antennas; denial service will kept within the prison parameters so no outside service will be affected.
Key features:

  • No jamming radio waves - safe to use and be around
  • No potential lawsuits due to jammer radio wave emittance on prisoners or prison personnel
  • Will not affect guard radio communications
  • No frequency bleed over or interference issues
  • Does not affect cellular provider towers
  • System has no affect on community surrounding the prison
  • Cellular denial kept within prison parameter with virtually no external bleed over
  • Cellular denial virtually 100% effective within prison walls
  • All cellular bands denied (including 4G and 5G if so desired)
  • No periodic maintenance required.
  • Price competitive

Site Survey

Tactical Communications engineers will perform a site survey of the prison environment. We will gather information concerning the physical characteristics of the site and meet with prison officials to coordinate the required locations for our jamming equipment, and the future cooperation of our installation. Installation: Tactical Communications can provide an installation crew if so desired. In addition, we are willing to work with local installers in order to provide installation and maintenance guidance in all systems installed. We offer our services throughout North America and worldwide if requested.