Vehicle Counter-IED System

Our Vehicle Counter-IED System design utilizies microcircuit materials allowing for a small unit size (approximate size 10” x 6” x 6”) with an effective range of 200 - 250 meters and will have provisions for vehicle mounting for effective IED prevention.

vehicle unit1

Designed for high temperature conditions and rugged terrain, the Vehicle Counter-IED System will not interfere with normal communications while in operation for it does not use barrage jamming techniques and is “instantly on” covering precise frequency signals with minimal power. It is intrinsically safe to use as there is no transmitted radio band signals to cause personal harm or radio interference problems.

Unlike barrage type jammers, which are only 60% effective and require monthly adjustments, the Vehicle Counter-IED System is highly reliable and is virtually 99% effective. The System will not require special “tweaking” or adjustments while in service. Additionally, the System is capable of attacking and suppressing multiple units within range of its respective operation and will engage cellular devices (including PDA devices) preventing the operation of any commands.

Supplied with cable and an antenna with a special mount to allow attachment to the windshield of a Hummer vehicle or the side windows of a Suburban or similar vehicles. The System can either be powered by a mobile battery pack or by 20-28 volt vehicular power. If a battery pack is desired then a universal charger is available that will operate from 80 to 260 volts a.c., 50 - 60 Hertz, allowing one to recharge virtually anywhere in the world. With the use of an adapter cord the battery pack may also be recharged from 20-28 volt vehicular power if so desired.

vehicle unit2